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Dance Classes 


Registration for Winter/Spring 2024 coming soon

Arrival at the studio,

- Dancers should arrive for class no earlier then 5 mins before scheduled class time, as there will be a class in progress.  This is to help minimize distractions and interruptions.  Doors into studio will be closed and if necessary with the curtains drawn while class is in session to help eliminate distractions to those in class.

- Dancers are to wait in dressing room until instructor invites them in.  Please respect the class and dancers who are using the dance studio at that time.

- Dancers waiting in dressing room are to be respectful to other dancers belongings who are in class.

- Other then Creative Movement, parents are not to be the studio during class, but are welcome to wait in dressing room/lobby.


Please remember to check the website regularly as all our information throughout the term can be found here, like important dates, Yarmouth Dance Academy news, updated schedules, performance information and more!

Advanced Ballet Program 

Admission into this program is by audition for new dancers.

  • Dancers born in 2013 and older,  

  • 3 or more classes a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday depending on level), 

  • repertoire dances for Nutcracker taught in class, participates in Nutcracker.

  • Can register for Nutcracker Performance Program if dancers wishes to have additional dances/roles.

  • Ballet Program dancers born in 2017 and older, 1 class a week on Wednesdays.  Can register for Nutcracker Performance Program if wishes to perform.

  • Jazz & Contemporary  dancers born in 2017 and older, 1 class a week Thursdays.  Can register for Nutcracker Performance Program if wishes to perform.  For fall 2023 term these classes will be shared, alternating each week.

  • Creative Movement dancers born in 2020 and are 3 by September 20231 class a week.

  • Dance Exploration (explores several different styles) dancers born in 2019 -2018.  This class is the next step for our Early Education  dance classes following Creative Movement.  1 class a week on Thursday.

  • Nutcracker Performance Program  dancers born 2018 and older that are registered in at least one other YDA class,  class/rehearsal once week on Thursdays with more intensive schedule in November.

  • Dancers born in 2016 and older with previous dance experience can also audition/register for the Nutcracker Performance Program (dancer not registered in other YDA classes).


February 19, 2024 - Heritage Day, no class

March 11 - 15, 2024 - March Break, no classes

April 1, 2024 - Easter Monday, no classes

May 25 & 26, 2024 - Recital Dates

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