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Required Dance Supplies

and Attire

Advanced Ballet

- Dancers are to have a thin strap black leotard or a long sleeved black leotard (long sleeves are good for the cooler months)

- for class any colour or style of leotard is acceptable


- Theatrical Pink/Ballerina Pink tights, 


- Ballet pink/nude Ballet slippers with no drawstrings.


- Hair must be in a bun or similar.


- Skirts are allowed.


- Water bottle is recommended.


- Dancers in Pre-Pointe will require pre-pointe shoes


- Ballet sweaters are also recommended for the cooler months. (No hoodies or large sweaters)

Advanced Ballet Program 


Please note the schedule and age groups are subject to change

**New dancers must audition for Advanced Ballet Program**

Dancers enrolled in the Advanced Ballet Program will have ballet classes at least twice a week. This program is designed to properly train a dancer for the demands of Classical Ballet guided by the Vaganova syllabus.  Dancers in the Advance Ballet program will perform in YDA's Nutcracker and Annual Spring Recital.

Attendance and commitment are taken seriously. 


When deemed appropriate by instructors, dancers will have the option to begin pre-pointe training, working towards full pointe shoes. New dancers to Ballet will require an assessment and approval from instructors prior to purchasing or beginning any pointe training. Generally it is recommended to have at least a year of ballet prior to beginning pointe.


DANCERS 2013 and older are eligible for pre-pointe shoes.

2011 AND OLDER eligible for pointe shoes

(If new to ballet pre-pointe shoes may be recommended)


**Barre & Variations Class - (optional audit for AB1 & AB2 dancers)

Dancers enrolled in Advanced Ballet will have the opportunity to study, learn and perform classical variations.  Attendance and commitment are taken seriously. Graduating dancers earn their variation and must be enrolled in the full year (starting in September) of their graduation year. Variations are assigned based on the discretion of the instructor(s).

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