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classes once a week

Start Date:   February 1, 2023

Winter/Spring 2023 term February to end of May (Spring Recital)

Please note schedule and age groups are subject to change

Instructor: N.Sweeney

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These are once a week ballet classes for dancers of all level. This class will follow classical Russian technique and class structure, allowing students to build on their ballet vocabulary while also improving balance and coordination. 

Ballet classes are also a good way for dancers to enhance their strength and flexibility!

The Ballet classes will participate in Yarmouth Dance Academy's annual Spring Recital.

Dance Exploration - Ballet (2018 - 2017)

Dancers will explore the basics in dance through games, music, and creative exploration with focus on Ballet.  Technical basics and foundations of Ballet will be introduced with focus on musicality and spatial awareness. The Dance Exploration - Ballet class will take part in YDA’s annual Spring Recital.


dance supplies and attire

for Ballet


- Dancers are to have a thin strap black leotard or a long sleeved black leotard (long sleeves are good for the cooler months)

- Theatrical/Ballerina Pink tights, 

- Ballet pink/nude Ballet slippers with no drawstrings.

- Hair must be in a bun or similar.

- Skirts are allowed.

- Water bottle is recommended.

- Ballet sweaters are also recommended for the cooler months. (No hoodies or large sweaters are to be worn in class)

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