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Policies, procedures & expectations

When we en-roll our children in dance class, we sometimes do not realize that they are embarking on a long, exhilarating journey that will demand much of them as students and of you, their parents, but it is a journey that is rich in rewards. The two most obvious demands are regular class attendance and proper appearance and demeanour in class.


Every time a student misses class, they takes a step backwards, while the students who do not miss class take a step forward. It is important to keep in mind that when a student misses classes, not are they letting themselves down, but their class/team down as well, especially when it comes time to learning dances.


Participants in the Advanced Ballet Program and Nutcracker Performance Program are expected to attend all regular classes/rehearsals. Attendance in these programs is taken seriously and will follow a 3 strike rule.



When registering with Yarmouth Dance Academy Parents/Dancers agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner with the understanding that any material taught at Yarmouth Dance Academy is the property of the artist/choreographer and material taught in class can not be used outside of the school with out permission. Second, dancers studying at Yarmouth Dance Academy are not permitted to teach at different schools as this is a conflict of interest and must be discussed with instructors. Failure to inform may effect future at Yarmouth Dance Academy. Teaching opportunities and training are available at Yarmouth Dance Academy.



For ballet class, hair must be in a bun and bangs pinned away for the face. For other classes, students must have hair pulled back away from face; ponytail. Watches, big dangling earrings, and necklaces must be removed before the student takes class, for safety reasons.

NO GUM or FOOD while dancing!


Class attire is very important. Dancers must arrive for class dressed with proper clothing. Information on proper and appropriate dress attire for each dance class are made in further detail on the DANCE ATTIRE section of our website.


If a student has to be reminded on a regular basis to fix her hair or is not dressed appropriately for class, disciplinary action will be discussed with the parents with the possibility of suspension without refund of tuition.



No refunds or deductions are given for lessons missed by students except in cases of protracted illness or injury where a Doctor's certificate is provided. Lessons missed by the Teacher will be made up if possible. Dancers who do miss a class are welcome to make-up that class by attending another class offered at YDA, with teacher's discretion.



It is parents/guardians/dancer's responsibility to check our website as cancelled classes will be posted by 3:30 pm, if no cancelation is posted, classes will run as scheduled and as always, use your own discretion.


If Yarmouth Dance Academy must close due to conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, electrical or heating system failure, classes and lessons will not be re-scheduled and refunds cannot be issued.



We reserve the right to cancel any class. All unused fees will be refunded, including registration where applicable.



Our faculty are committed to creating a safe learning environment and treating everyone with respect and fairness,while at YDA. We invite our students and their parents to do the same. We are a scent-free and peanut free studio, please be considerate of others. Having your dancer’s name on all of their belongings helps to return lost items.

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