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Each year Yarmouth Dance Academy performs a full production of the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker Ballet. The core and major roles of the ballet will be taught and performed by those dancers enrolled in both the Advanced Ballet program and Nutcracker Performance Program. There are many roles/dances to be filled, so we offer the Nutcracker Performance Program (NPP). This allows any dancer registered at YDA the opportunity to audition, participate and perform in The Nutcracker.  Dancers who are born in 2016 and older, who have have previous dance experience but are not registered in a YDA class are also eligible to audition for Nutcracker Performance Program.

Mandatory auditions/placement class will be held

September 14, 2023.  

Ages: 2018 and older who are registered in another YDA class

          2016 and older with previous dance experience,

       only registered for Nutcracker Performance Program at YDA. 

Schedule: Tentatively scheduled for Thursdays

Time: Registered participants will be divided into weekly rehearsal classes based on age, level and training. 

                  Rehearsal classes will run  30 mins - 2 hours depending on age/class. 

Participating in a production of this size requires commitment, focus and dedication.

Attendance is taken very seriously for the NPP rehearsal class, and missed rehearsals will not be tolerated.



Nutcracker Performance Program

Dance supplies would be the same as Ballet class for regular rehearsal, for performance requirements the Nutcracker 2023 page will be updated.

Fall Term Only

All Ballet Dancers must have their hair in a bun for class

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