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Intensive Program

Winter/Spring 2021

Please Note: The Intensive Program is Yarmouth Dance Academy's complete program. Dancers will study all styles of dance available at Yarmouth Dance Academy. There are no auditions for this program, however attendance and commitment will be taken seriously. Dancers who fail to attend classes will be asked to re-consider their enrolment in the program and if necessary removal from the program with no refund.  

Junior Intensive Program (JIP) - Dancer born 2013 - 2010

Winter/Spring Tuition Fees:

PB1 $400 (no Pointe Technique)

       $440 (with Pointe Technique)

PB2 $440

Tentative Schedule: Tuesday 6:15 - 6:45 pm

Start date Tuesday February 9, 2021

Senior Intensive Program (SIP) - Dancers born 2009 and older

Winter/Spring Tuition Fees:

PB2a   $650

PB3     $690

Tentative Schedule: Monday 8:15 - 8:30 pm

                                Tuesday 7:45 - 8:15 pm

Start date Monday February 8, 2021

The Intensive Program is designed with the serious dance student in mind. Students who are thinking of dance after high school are strongly recommended to participate in this program. The Intensive Program provides dancers with the opportunity to more dance classes, extra performances and much more. In addition to their ballet training, Intensive Program dancers have the opportunity to learn/use the Progressive Ballet Technique to help with their overall dance training.

To register for the Intensive Program, dancers will be enrolled in the Performing Ballet Program and all age appropriate classes offered at Yarmouth Dance Academy. Dancer’s in the Junior or Senior Intensive Program are able to attend additional ballet classes with instructors permission for technique and conditioning.

Participants in the Junior and Senior Intensive Program are expected to attend all regular classes. Attendance in these programs is taken seriously and will follow a 3 strike rule; 3 or more classes missed may result in dancer being asked to reconsider the Intensive Program, or loss of privileges.

Participation/enrolment in other dance schools/lessons/sports team may be considered a conflict of interest and would not adhere to the outline/purpose of the program and may result in asking a dancer to reconsider their role as a Yarmouth Dance Academy ambassador and member of the Intensive Program. Removal from the program and/or repertoire class without refund may be applied.

Intensive Program Contract:

- Dancers are expected to work at 110%

- Positive attitudes

- Attendance is mandatory for all classes and rehearsals. A three strike rule is followed.

- Dancers are to arrive on time for class

- They must be in proper attire (uniform and hair are done according to class)

- Show respect to classmates, peers, instructors, and studio

- All IP dancers are expected to make every IP Repertoire class/rehearsal when required.

- Priority for casting in shows/recitals.

- Opportunity to become YDA teaching assistant.

- Act as positive role models and ambassadors for their art, program and YDA.

- Commitment. Commitment or conflict with programs outside of YDA may be cause for reconsideration of enrolment and participation with no refund.


Required Dance Supplies

and Attire

for Classes at YDA

Inspiring Ballet (IB)

Performance Ballet

Ballet Technique

Pointe Technique

Dancers are to have a black leotard,

Theatrical Pink tights, Ballet pink/nude Ballet slippers with no drawstrings.

Hair must be in a bun or similar.

Skirts are allowed.

Water bottle is recommended.

Dancers in Pre-Pointe will require pre-pointe shoes

Dancers in PB4 & PB5 will be requiring pointe shoes.

A nude leotard is recommended for performances (especially those who are in multiple dances)

Ballet sweaters are also recommended for the cooler months. (No hoodies or large sweaters)




Comfortable and easy to move in clothing

Bare feet, or contemporary shoes (metatarsal protectors)

Tap Shoes

Jazz Shoes

Hair to be up and out of their face.

Water bottle is recommended

YDA's choice of ballet slippers at Love of Dance store located in Argyle.

So Danca - all of the following have no drawstrings!!!

SD - 16 (canvas split sole) my personal favourite

SD - 60 (leather split sole) leather will last longer

SD - 55 (leather full sole) recommended for CM, IM, IB, PB2

YDA's tight choice at Love of Dance

Body Wrappers - in Theatrical Pink or Gaynor Minden Tights. Convertible are recommended

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