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Nutcracker Performance Program

To see up to date Nutcracker 2019 information please check out the Nutcracker 2019 Tab or click here.


Instructor/Choreographer: N. Sweeney

Schedule: TBD

Time: weekly updated schedule

Tuition: 2012 - 2015

             2000 - 2011

Each year Yarmouth Dance Academy performs a full production of the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker Ballet. There are many roles/dances to be filled, so we offer the Nutcracker Performance Program (NPP). This allows any dancer registered at Yarmouth Dance Academy and is at least 6 by December 31, 2021, the opportunity to audition for roles/dances in the Nutcracker.


Participating in a production of this size requires commitment, focus and dedication. Attendance is taken very seriously for the NPP rehearsals, and missed rehearsals will not be tolerated.


If you think your dancer would like to audition for Nutcracker 2019 please review the information provided and look for upcoming Audition date.


*All registered Performing Ballet dancers will have class repertoire and participate in Nutcracker, but are still eligible to audition for the Nutcracker Performance Program for additional role/dances.

Nutcracker Performance Program Overview…

  • The Nutcracker will run December 4, 5, 6th at Th’YARC, Yarmouth.
  • Auditions are open to all dancers at Yarmouth Dance Academy who are at least 6 by December 31, 2020
  • Dancers must attend Auditions.
  • Dancers who participate in Nutcracker 2020 are expected to make all scheduled Rehearsals, failure to attend may result in dancer to miss placement/choreography and/or be asked to re-evaluate their role.
  • Placement priority is given to those enrolled in the Junior and Senior Intensive Program.
  • Dancers will be placed in roles based on age, skill, experience and Director’s discretion.
  • Ballet attire will be required for rehearsals and performances; Theatrical pink ballet tights, pink/nude ballet slippers with NO HOLES, black thin stap leotard.
  • A nude leotard is strongly recommended for all dancers for quick backstage costume changes. Some nude leotards are adjustable allowing for room to grow for a dancer.
  • Dancers will require their own hair supplies and make-up.
  • All Parents/Guardians of participating dancers are asked to sign-up for Nutcracker volunteer positions/tasks.
  • Nutcracker Performance Program Registration Form and tuition are due the day of auditions.
  • Rehearsal schedules are done based on the needs of the dancers, which means adaptability is required as a choreographer,director, and from parents. Schedules for rehearsals will be done at least one week in advance. Younger dancers may not be required every rehearsal, but older dancer should expect a rehearsal every week.
  • Everyone should expect November to busy for Nutcracker and are required at every rehearsal. Please expect extra rehearsals throughout November.
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