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                            Welcome to YARMOUTH DANCE ACADEMY'S


Quick and easy, just fill out the information below to register for your class(es)!

General Registration for Fall 2023 closed

Once registration closes, classes and schedules will be finalized.


Please Note:

- Registration and placement in classes will be done on a first come first serve basis.

- classes are structured based on the dancer's age, level and registration numbers.

- Waitlists/additional classes can be created if schedule/registration permits.


FALL 2023 Term registration form

Select class(es) you wish to register your dancer in. Be sure to submit a reliable email address, as this is used as our main form of communication outside of our website (which we suggest to check regularly).

* indicates required field

Dancer's Name*

Dancer's Birthday*


Primary Phone*


Email (alternate, secondary or dancer's)

Select Class(es) for registration

****Please be patient with the registration process

as we work to build classes and schedule****

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