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                            WELCOME TO

                         YARMOUTH DANCE ACADEMY'S

                                                                                                  ONLINE REGISTRATION

Quick and easy, just fill out the information

below to register for your class(es)!

Registration for Winter/Spring 2023

Winter/Spring Registration open from January

Once registration closes, classes and schedules will be finalized.

Please Note:

- Registration and placement in classes will be done on a first come first serve basis.

- classes are structured based on the dancer's age, level and registration numbers.

- Waitlists,/additional classes can be created if schedule/registration permits.

Winter/Spring 2023 Term registration form

Select class(es) you wish to register your dancer in. Be sure to submit a reliable email address, as this is used as our main form of communication outside of our website (which we suggest to check regularly).

* indicates required field

Dancer's Name*

Dancer's Birthday*


Primary Phone*


Email (alternate)



ADVANCED BALLET - 2 or more classes a week



****Please be patient with the registration process

as we work to build classes and schedule****

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