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 Start Date: February 2, 2023

Winter/Spring term runs until end of May 2023 (Spring Recital)

Contemporary class will provide an opportunity for dancers to learn the technical foundations in Contemporary. The class will pull from a variety of styles of contemporary and dancers will learn to express themselves through movement that is both technical and physical.   Focusing on musicality, styles and characteristics found in Contemporary as well as basics in choreography through games and explorations.  Classes are once a week and will take part in YDA’s annual Spring Recital.

Tentative Schedule - Please note the schedule and age groups are subject to change based

Dance Exploration - Contemporary (2018 - 2017)

Dancers will explore the basics in dance through games, music, and creative exploration with focus on Contemporary. Technical basics and foundations of Contemporary will be introduced with focus on musicality, spatial awareness and improvisation. The Dance Exploration - Contemporary class will take part in YDA’s annual Spring Recital.


Dance Supplies and Attire


- Black camisole leotard (required for performing)

- Black leggings (required for performing)

- Comfortable and easy to move in clothing

- contemporary socks or contemporary sole/shoes

- Hair to be up and out of their face.

- Water bottle is recommended

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