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**Formally known as Dance Exploration 2 & 3**

Instructor: N.Sweeney

Start date: January 31, 2023

Winter Spring term will run until end of May 2023 (Spring Recital)

Please note the schedule and age groups are subject to change

Jazz classes will provide an opportunity for dancers to learn the technical foundations in Jazz. Classes are high energy, fast passed and upbeat, focusing on musicality, styles and characteristics found in Jazz’s complex history. The class will also include cardio fitness, yoga/stretch, musical theatre and fundamentals for choreography while also exploring the creative, musical and dramatic sides of dance.  The class will be a great in providing cross curricular training for dancers, improving upon their cardio and muscular fitness! Classes are once a week and will take part in YDA’s annual Spring Recital.

Required Dance Supplies 

Jazz/Dance Fitness - Comfortable and easy to move in clothing, 

- black leggings

- black thin strap leotard

(leggings and a t-shirt, or leggings and a leotard are both acceptable for class)

A shoe for the dancer:

- Jazz shoes or Jazz sneakers 


- Hair to be up and out of their face.

- Water bottle is recommended

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